Gas Valves, QF2A cylinder valve

Oxygen Tank Valve

DSW is a professional in manufacturing Oxygen Gas cylinder valves QF2A, QF-2A from China.
Precision forging, High-temperature resistance, Anti-corrosion
Cylinder Valve, Oxygen Tank Valve
Medium: O2/Air/N2
WP: 15MPa
Inlet Thread: PZ27.8
Outlet Thread: G5/8

QF2A cylinder valve-flapper type Oxygen Valve

With more than two decades of expertise in valves, DSW specializes in fire valves, LPG cylinder valves, industrial gas cylinder valves, and medical gas valves – totaling more than 200 varieties of valves and related accessories.
QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2a cylinder valve
What is a cylinder valve?
A valve is an instrument that controls, regulates, or directs the flow of fluids (liquids, gases, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, shutting, or partially blocking various passageways.
Technically, valve fittings are also called Valves. However, they are often referred to as a separate category. Fluid flows from higher pressure towards a lower pressure in an open valve.

A simple and ancient form of valve is a free-hinged flap that drops to block fluid (gas or liquid) flowing in one direction but is pushed open by flow in the opposite direction.
This type of device is known as a check valve since it acts to “check” or prevent any flow in one direction.

QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2a cylinder valve
QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2a cylinder valve
QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2a cylinder valve

Gas Valve Features:

Our QF-2G O2 tank valve boasts a long service life.
After many tests, this Oxygen control valve proved resistant to corrosion, high temperature, and high-pressure environments.
DSW conducted air tightness tests, so you can confidently rely on using our QF-2G 15MPa air-gas valves.

QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2 cylinder valve
DSW valves are tested for global market conditions, from the Artic cold at -40°C to +65°C for Equatorial regions
Adding a unique protective O ring on the opening mechanism protects the valve against the elements and increases its environmental resistance.
A full array of regional connections is available
Working Pressures up to 300 bar
ISO 9001 Quality Assured
The new range conforms to the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EU (TPED) and is type tested to ISO 10297 and ISO 15996 to provide a 15 Year maintenance-free Service Life.

At DSW, we hold international certifications such as CCS, CE, TPED, EN3, VDE, and ECE-R110, along with NSEML (National Special Equipment Manufacturing License).