40l aluminum gas cylinder

0.4-40L TPED/DOT Aluminum Gas Cylinder

Medical Oxygen cylinder/Scuba Diving Tank/Co2 Beveage Cylinder.
TPED 1L Refillable gas CO2 Aluminum Cylinder with on/off valve for aquarium.
refilled with carbon dioxide at a pressure of 1,800 PSI and tested at 3,000PSI.
Each cylinder is 100% hydraulic tested
Manufactured in accordance with TPED ISO7866 standard to assure the quality.

Aluminum Gas Cylinders -Lightweight, Corrosion Resistance

DSW is one of the leading manufacturers of high and low-pressure aluminum gas cylinders to meet global markets’ compressed gas needs.
DSW’s production capacity is more than 600,000 pcs monthly, collectively supplying more than 100 countries.
DSW’s aluminum cylinders store gases for various applications, including ultra-high purity for electronics manufacturing, specialty and calibration gas, industrial gas, medical oxygen, food and beverage grade CO2, SCUBA, fire & rescue, alternative fuel, and aerospace.

Aluminum Tanks Sizes

40l aluminum gas cylinder, medical oxygen cylinder

Aluminum cylinders for market-specific applications

DSW cylinders come in various exterior finishes, from powder to brushed or painted. Our in-house specialists ensure quick turnaround times on custom-engineered specialty gas cylinders for your business.
40l aluminum gas cylinder, medical oxygen cylinder
40l aluminum gas cylinder, medical oxygen cylinder

High Pressure aluminum tanks

Aluminum tanks can withstand a higher air pressure than steel tanks.
It means that if you need an air compressor with a high PSI, you should choose one with an aluminum tank. However, steel tanks are more durable and can handle more physical damage.
Aluminum gas cylinders can be refilled with rare, high-purity, calibration, and special gases.
It is used to be filled and refilled with various kinds of gases, such as rare gases, high purity gases,
standard gases, and special gases, with a wide range of applications in chemical and electronic,
medical treatment, gas, and coal mining fields, which is the ideal substitute for the steel cylinder.
40l aluminum gas cylinder, medical oxygen cylinder

Advantages: The benefits of using aluminum  cylinders

1. Lightweight and Portable: Aluminum cylinders are lightweight and easily portable.
In comparison with traditional steel cylinders, aluminum models weigh significantly less, allowing more accessible transportation and handling for transporting gas cylinders such as medical facilities or outdoor events.
This advantage makes aluminum gas bottles particularly appealing.

2. Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum bottles are known for their exceptional corrosion resistance.
Unlike steel cylinders that may rust over time, aluminum gas cylinders are more resilient against moisture, harsh environmental conditions, and corrosion damage.
They are the go-to option for safely storing various gases without risk of contamination from rusty surfaces.

3. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Aluminum bottles offer another significant advantage in their strength-to-weight ratio, making them lightweight yet exhibiting remarkable strength and durability.
It enables high-pressure applications with minimal deformation risks – an essential feature in industries requiring high performance while considering weight limitations, such as aerospace or automotive industries.