Nitrogan Gas

Nitrogen: An Industrial Powerhouse

  • Boosts yields and performance across industries.
  • Safeguards flammables and extends product shelf life.
  • Available in various purities and delivery methods globally.

DSW supplies liquid nitrogen and compressed nitrogen gas worldwide with various purities and modes of supply.

Nitrogen Gas

Due to its inert properties, nitrogen gas is used in various industrial processes, such as cutting, purging, cooling, and cryogenic freezing.
Nitrogen (N₂) might seem like just another air component, but it’s a hidden powerhouse with many applications. DSW Industry delves into the world of nitrogen and explores its remarkable versatility.

More Than Just Air: Unveiling Nitrogen’s Properties

Nitrogen makes up a staggering 78% of Earth’s atmosphere. What makes it truly special is its inert nature. Unlike oxygen, nitrogen doesn’t readily react with other elements. This unique property translates into several valuable benefits:

Non-flammable: Nitrogen won’t ignite or contribute to combustion, making it ideal for safety in processes involving flammable materials.
Oxidation Fighter: Nitrogen is an inert gas that displaces oxygen, preventing or minimizing the oxidation of materials. This is crucial for preserving the integrity of various products.
Cryogenic Champion: Nitrogen reaches extremely low temperatures in its liquid form, making it perfect for cryogenic applications like freezing and supercooling.
Nitrogen: Empowering Industries

Nitrogen Needs? DSW Delivers Worldwide

DSW Industry offers reliable nitrogen solutions to supercharge your operations across various sectors:

Enhanced Yields: Nitrogen is vital in fertilizers, promoting healthy plant growth and boosting agricultural productivity.
Optimized Performance: Inert nitrogen gas safeguards processes involving flammables, preventing explosions and ensuring safety.
Improved Quality Control: Nitrogen creates a controlled atmosphere for various applications, preventing oxidation and maintaining product quality.
Efficient Processes: The cryogenic properties of nitrogen enable rapid cooling and freezing, enhancing efficiency in numerous industries.

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Dewar for liquid nitrogen

Use of Nitrogen

Preserving Perishables: Nitrogen gas excels at preventing spoilage. It’s used in:

Food Packaging: Replacing oxygen in food packaging slows down bacterial growth and oxidation, extending the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and other products.
Pharmaceuticals: High-purity nitrogen creates an inert atmosphere for the safe storage and production of medications, preventing degradation.
Ensuring Safety: Nitrogen’s non-flammable nature makes it a hero for safety applications:

Fire Prevention: Inerting atmospheres with nitrogen reduces the risk of explosions in facilities handling flammable materials like gasoline or oil.
Safe Storage: Nitrogen can be used to store flammable materials and prevent combustion safely.
Controlling Atmospheres: Precise atmosphere control is crucial in various processes, and nitrogen delivers:

Metalworking: Nitrogen creates an inert atmosphere during welding and brazing, preventing unwanted reactions and improving product quality by minimizing oxidation.
Electronics Manufacturing: Inert nitrogen gas safeguards delicate electronic components during manufacturing by preventing oxidation, ensuring optimal performance and preventing malfunctions.
Supercooling and Freezing: Liquid nitrogen’s extremely low temperatures (around -196°C) make it perfect for cryogenic applications:

Cryopreservation: Using liquid nitrogen, biological samples like sperm, eggs, and tissues can be preserved for extended periods at very low temperatures.
Industrial Freezing: Rapid cooling and freezing with liquid nitrogen are used in various industrial processes, such as food freezing and plastic manufacturing.
Enhancing Processes: Nitrogen plays a role in improving efficiency and yields:

Fertilizers: Nitrogen is a critical component of fertilizers, promoting plant growth and agricultural productivity.
Laser Cutting: Nitrogen is used as an assist gas for laser cutting, improving precision and reducing the burning of the cut material.

DSW Industry boasts a robust global network, ensuring a consistent and dependable supply of nitrogen gas in various forms:

  • Liquid Nitrogen: Ideal for applications requiring extreme cooling power.
  • Compressed Gas: Convenient and readily available for diverse uses.
  • On-Site Generation: Provides a cost-effective solution for high-volume nitrogen demands.

Nitrogen Supply Options

For Smaller Operations:
Cylinders & Portable Bottles:  The traditional choice for low-volume needs. Cylinders come in various sizes, pressures, and gas purities. DSW has a vast network of distributors to fulfil your cylinder and equipment needs.

For Mid-Sized Operations:
Cryo Microbulk Solutions: This convenient and cost-effective option provides Micro bulk tanks,larger than cylinders, eliminating frequent refills and simplifying your gas supply.

For High-Volume Users:
Bulk Supply: DSW delivers nitrogen directly to your site as a liquid in cryogenic tanks or compressed gas in high-pressure tubes. This option is customized based on volume, pressure, purity, and usage patterns.

Addressing Short-Term Needs:
Temporary Emergency Gas Services: Ideal for start-ups, peak demand periods, maintenance activities, or plant turnarounds. This service provides short-term or emergency nitrogen supply.