Water Bath Vaporizer

Shell and Tube Vaporizer

DSW’s shell and tube vaporizers are engineered for efficiency and reliability, with features that support rapid capacity changes and simplified maintenance.
It operates by circulating steam through a coil or jacket surrounding the liquefied gas, transferring heat to the gas and causing it to vaporize.
•Explosion proof
•Advanced liquid carry-over safety by float valve
•External user-friendly control panel
•Over-heating prevention
•Compact design
•Easy to maintain by removal of head cover
•Wide selection of types
•Drainage measure
•Water temperature control
•Noiseless operation

Steam Heating Vaporizer-water bath type

DSW’s water bath vaporizers handle large capacity ranges for petrochemical and cryogenic plants.
They vaporize liquefied gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, ethylene, propylene, and liquid natural gas.
These water bath vaporizers manage load ranges from 500 Nm³/h to 195,000 Nm³/h and process up to three gas streams in one unit.

A steam heating vaporizer efficiently vaporizes liquefied gases like LNG using indirect steam heating.
steam heating vaporizer

Design and Operation

Each unit features a round water vessel with an overflow nozzle and a submerged coiled tube bundle. Steam lances heat the water directly, and temperature controllers regulate it precisely.
During stand-by, a miniature steam lance keeps the water at 60°C. Water circulation uses buoyancy and gravity, reaching total capacity in two minutes.
Coiled tubes are welded into a ring pipe that distributes liquid and collects gas, promoting efficient water flow.
This layout minimizes material stress, supports rapid load and temperature changes, and allows easy tube bundle removal for cleaning and inspection, improving maintenance efficiency.
Additionally, the tube bundles can be easily removed for cleaning and inspection, enhancing maintenance efficiency.

A steam heating vaporizer efficiently vaporizes liquefied gases like LNG using indirect steam heating.
Steam circulates around the gas, ensuring precise temperature control essential for industrial applications such as LNG terminals and petrochemical plants.

A water bath vaporizer  consists of a coiled tube bundle submerged in a heated water vessel.
water bath vaporizer

Key Features

  • Capacity Range: Operates from 500 Nm³/h to 195,000 Nm³/h.
  • Multi-Stream Capability: Can handle up to three different liquefied gases simultaneously.
  • Quick Response Time: Capable of ramping up to full capacity in two minutes.
  • Efficient Design: The wound tube bundle design minimizes material stress and supports quick load and temperature adjustments.
  • Maintenance Access: Removable tube bundles for easy cleaning and inspection.
  • Noise and Erosion Control: An optimized steam injection system prevents steam hammering and erosion and minimizes noise emissions.
  • Optional Enhancements: Additional water circulating pumps for faster availability (less than 10 seconds) and alternative heating sources like warm water or electrical heaters can be integrated upon request.


Water bath vaporizers or shell and tube vaporizers are essential in petrochemical and cryogenic plants for the vaporization of:

  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • Ethylene
  • Propylene
  • Natural Gas

With advanced steam heating systems and robust design, DSW’s Waterbath vaporizers ensure operational excellence and longevity.
The ability to handle multiple gas streams and the optional enhancements for faster availability make these vaporizers a versatile solution for industrial applications.