7L oxygen gas cylinders, Oxygen gas bottle

Oxygen Gas Bottle

7L Gas Cylinder,Oxygen Cylinder
Filled with Oxygen gas ,Argon gas ,Helium gas, and CO2 gas.
Available in various sizes, DSW gas cylinders meet specific customer needs in a wide range of industrial, medical and specialty gas applications.

Oxygen gas bottle manufacturer

As one of the leading Gas Bottle Manufacturers, DSW supplies oxygen in high-pressure gas bottles and liquid dewars in various sizes to meet low-volume needs. DSW gas cylinders meet specific customer demands in industrial, medical, and specialty gas applications.

Specifications for Oxygen Gas Bottle

7L oxygen gas cylinders

7L oxygen gas cylinders,Oxygen gas bottle

Industrial Grade Oxygen, Size 200 High Pressure Steel Cylinder, CGA-540

7L oxygen gas cylinders

7L oxygen gas cylinders,Oxygen gas bottles

7L oxygen gas cylinders

7Liters oxygen gas cylinders,Oxygen gas bottles

7Liters oxygen gas cylinders

7Liters oxygen gas cylinders

Oxygen tanks are used to store gas for:

Medical breathing in medical facilities and at home.
In aviation, breathing at altitude is done either due to a decompression crisis or continuously (as with unpressurized aircraft).
oxygen first aid kits
Oxygen therapy
Gas blending creates diving breathing mixtures such as nitrox (nitrogen), trimix (trimix), and heliox.
Open-circuit scuba set – used mainly for accelerated decompression during technical diving.
Some types of diving rebreathers include oxygen rebreathers and fully closed-circuit rebreathers.
When used in mountaineering, “bottled oxygen” refers to oxygen tanks.
Industrial processes, such as the production of steel and currency.
Some gas-cutting torches, some glass lampworking torches, and oxyacetylene welders.
Use as liquid rocket propellants for rocket engines.
Athletes, especially on the sidelines of American football, can be helped to recover faster after an intense workout.

7Liters oxygen gas cylinders
Oxygen gas Cylinder or Oxygen gas bottle sizes are available from 2 to 80 liters.
DSW offers Oxygen Gas Cylinders, Nitrogen Gas Cylinders, Argon Gas Cylinders, CO2 Gas Cylinders, Hydrogen Gas Cylinders, Helium Gas Cylinders, Acetylene gas cylinders, CO2 Cartridges, and Aluminum Cylinders with TUV, TPED, CE, and DOT certification.
Chemicals contained in gas cylinders may be flammable, corrosive, poisonous, inert, or a combination. Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the chemicals in each cylinder you store and use.

Understand the concentration of the chemical, the amount, and the storage pressure to work with it safely.