QF2C oxygen cylinder valves

Oxygen Cylinder Valves, Oxygen Tank Valve

QF2C Industrial Oxygen Cylinder Valve
DSW is professional in manufacturing Oxygen cylinder valves such as QF2C, QF-2C for customers all over the world.
Qf-2C Industrial Oxygen Gas Cylinder Valve in China
Cylinder Valve, Oxygen Tank Valve from Qf-2C Industrial Oxygen Gas Cylinder Valve

QF2C oxygen cylinder valves

Qf-2C oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf-2C industrial oxygen gas cylinder valve

QF-2O2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G5/821±1.54Valve type
QF-2BO2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G5/8-LH21±1.54Valve type
QF-2B1O2,N215G1/2W22×1/1421±1.54Valve type
QF-2CO2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G5/821±1.54Valve type
QF-2DO2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8Internal thread G5/821±1.54Valve type
QF-2EO2,N215JIS B 8246 V1 φ20W22×1/144Valve type
QF-2FO2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G5/821±1.54Valve type
QF-2GO2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G5/821±1.54Shaft type
QF-2MO2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G1/221±1.54Valve type
QF-2PO2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G5/821±1.54Valve type
QF-4O2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G3/421±1.54Valve type
QF-5O2,N220GB8335 PZ27.8G5/828±24Valve type
QF-6O2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8Internal thread G5/84Valve type
QF-7O2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8Internal thread G5/84Needle form
QF-8O2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G1/24Shaft type
QF-12O2,N215GB8335 PZ19.2G5/821±1.54Valve type
QF-20O2,N215GB8335 PZ19.2G1/221±1.52Diaphragm type
QF-21O2,N215GB8335 PZ19.2W21.8×1/1421±1.52Diaphragm type
QF-22O2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8W21.8×1/1421±1.54Valve type
QF-25O215GB8335 PZ19.2φ7 Hose2Needle form
QF-27O2,N215JIS B 8246 V1W22×1/1421±1.53Valve type
F-1O2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8Internal thread W23×1/1421±1.54Valve type
F-2O2,N215JIS B 8246 V2Internal thread W23×1/1421±1.54Valve type
F-3O2,N215BS341 1×1/14Internal thread G5/821±1.54Shaft type
DF-4O2,N215GB8335 PZ27.8G5/821±1.54Shaft type


QF2C oxygen cylinder valves

Qf-2C gas cylinder valve,QF2C QF-2C gas valve

cylinder valve

QF2C oxygen cylinder valves
QF2C oxygen cylinder valves

cylinder valve
QF2C oxygen cylinder valves

Specifications of medical Oxygen cylinder valves

Pressure Relief Device(PRD) to ensure proper assembly and resist tampering
Ergonomically designed for ease of use and durability
The Series Post Medical Valves, available in wrench or toggle type, have inert PTFE packing for leak-free stem seal, long cycle life and resistance to corrosion
The Oxy-Gen I Series is available in both Check valve & Shut-off valve configurations
The GV-MRI (QF)Series & Oxy-Gen I Series Valves comply with Level 3 Tesla requirements
The high-performance nylon ABS polymer blended shroud of oxygen valves exhibits excellent chemical and UV resistance
Cleaned for oxygen service and oil-free as per CGA G-4.1 & ASTM G-93
100% helium tested
Reduced friction due to optimized O-ring (GV) or double O-ring (GVHM) seal and smooth operation at exceptionally low torque levels
Compact design and cosmetic appeal
Unique construction to reduce magnetic attraction
Valves have critical importance in the medical industry as medical equipment demands quality assurance of its components.