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DSW is one of the premier manufacturers of cold-extruded aluminum CO2 cylinders for beverage service.
Our lightweight, clean, corrosion-resistant cylinders are the best choice for commercially dispensing beer, lager, cider, stouts, and carbonated drinks.

CO2 Cartridges Solution from DSW

DSW understands that the needs of customers are constantly changing. We have professional experience providing a premium new CO2 Cartridge and CO2 Cylinder.
Main products: 8g N2O cream charger, 12g CO2 cartridge, 16g CO2 canister, 24g CO2 cryopen, 33g CO2 gas cartridge, 88g CO2 cylinder, etc.
We offer OEM and customized services.


Weight (without valve)0.66kg
Height (without valve)332mm
Inlet threadM18X1.5
Fill CO2 gasPurity of more than 99.9% food grade Co2,standard:360G

A 12g Co2 cartridge is a small, disposable, pressurized container with carbon dioxide gas.
It is commonly used in various applications such as airsoft guns, paintball guns, and bike tire inflation systems.

 8g soda beer chargers

What is a CO2 gas cartridge?

CO2 charges are small cans that are filled with pressurized CO2 gas.
They are used in different applications, such as airsoft pistols, carbonated soda, and dragster cars.
On average, 12g CO2 cartridges are most often available, but larger models may also exist.
CO2 cartridges are easy to use but are affected by temperature, so the number of shots per cartridge varies depending on the weather.
Co2 Cartridges supplier, co2 gas cylinders

CO2 Cartridges Suppliers


CO2 Cartridges Suppliers


Aluminum gas cylinders can be refilled with rare, high-purity, calibration, and special gases.
It is used to be filled and refilled with various kinds of gases, such as rare gases, high purity gases,
standard gases, and special gases, with a wide range of applications in chemical and electronic,
medical treatment, gas, and coal mining fields, which is the ideal substitute for the steel cylinder.

FEATURES of Beverage CO2 cylinders

Seamless, Light Weight Cylinder (40% Lighter than steel cylinder).
Easy to handle and transport.
Corrosion-resistant interior and exterior wall surface.
No special maintenance is required; only requalification is required every five years.

DSW has a range of Co2 Cartridges in stock, ranging from 8g soda beer chargers to 16g threaded and non-threaded cartridges for beer machines and tire inflators up to 500g For aquarium use.