scuba diving tanks, Aluminum Scuba Tanks

AL80  Scuba Diving Tanks

DSW AL80 Aluminum SCUBA  tanks in Black are rated 3000 psi and have a Pro valve.
Scuba Diving Tank or aluminum alloy tank is refilled with carbon dioxide at a pressure of 1,800 PSI and tested at 3,000PSI.
Each cylinder is 100% hydraulic tested and manufactured by TPED ISO7866 standard to assure quality.

Aluminum Scuba Tanks

DSW has been offering aluminum SCUBA cylinders to global diving professionals for over two decades and now ranks among the premier suppliers in this market.

What Is a Scuba Tank?

A scuba tank is a gas cylinder that provides storage for the high-pressure gas used during a dive. You will use this dive tank for breathing underwater.
When deciding on a scuba cylinder, divers can choose from steel or aluminum tanks.
AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

Different Sizes of Scuba Tanks

AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks
A SCUBA tank is measured in cubic feet with a standard size of 80 cu ft.
However, you can purchase a steel cylinder in various sizes, such as 3, 5, 7, 9, 10.5, 12.2, 15, and 18 liters.

AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

Aluminum Scuba Tanks
When choosing between steel and aluminum scuba tanks, it’s vital to consider dry weight and size, as these can affect your buoyancy and overall comfort.
In scuba diving, dry weight refers to how much a tank weighs on land—and you’re going to want to consider if you plan on lugging your tank around when you’re not in water.
Steel is more robust and durable than aluminum, so tanks made with the latter usually have thicker walls to compensate for the reduced tensile strength.
DSW’s SCUBA cylinders with CE/DOT/TUV/MSDS/ISO9001 certifications have been strictly inspected before shipment.

All SCUBA cylinders are produced from high-quality raw materials
On-site DOT (IIA) Inspections – dimensional, visual, hydrostatic, tensile & burst testing
Serialization – complete traceability of cylinder production batch, test reports, and raw material
Customizable colors, labels, and graphics
Specification: – DOT-3AL & TC-3ALM designed – ISO design cylinders are available
Alloy: – Manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6
Threads: -Standard 3/4-14 NPSM – Other thread sizes available upon request
Markings: – As required by specification – Additional markings available upon request
Finish: – Shot blasted, fully brushed and powder coat finishes available
Graphics: – Logos or labels in silkscreen or Duragrafix available upon request
Accessories: – Valves installed upon request