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(M)SDS Reference: P-4563
CAS Number: 7440 – 37 – 1
Argon with mixture gas
40L Refillable High Purity 99.999%<
Argon is mainly used as an inert shielding gas in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes where ordinarily unreactive substances become reactive.

Argon Gases Manufacturer & Supplier

Having the advantage of China being cost-effective, the DSW industry provides argon gases, both in liquid and argon, to the world.
As one of the leading liquid argon gas suppliers, we also offer a full range of choices for cylinder sizes, tank sizes, cryogenic types, and purity grades – including bulk argon delivery.

Argon Gas Specifications

Argon(Ar)> 99.999%
Liquid argon ( LAR)> 99.999%
Argon with a mixture of gas
Main GasBalance gasValve
Argon GasHelium: 1ppm-50%CGA 580
Argon GasHydrogen: 1ppm-50%CGA 350
Argon GasNitrogen: 1ppm-50%CGA 580

Liquid phase argon can be delivered to large or small cryogenic vessels.
Pre-filled liquid cylinders are also options.
For larger-scale liquid argon applications, onsite argon production can be cost-effective.
Liquid argon and pure argon in a variety of delivery or packaging are optional for you to address any application, at any scale, or any purity grade.

Gas phase argon is used in various cylinder sizes and purities.
Argon Gases in Cylinders of All Sizes. Mixtures are available for special applications such as plasma cutters, arc welding, and laser support.
Argon for laboratories up to 99.9999% pure. Cylinders | Portables | Dewar
Argon for electronics and semiconductors up to 99.9999% pure.
Argon for industrial use, including multi-packs.
Two-component gas mixtures (argon in balance gas).

argon ar specification sheet
argon ar specification sheet

argon gases manufacturer

Sizes of gas cylinder

Size40L-150 Bar50L-150 Bar50L-200 Bar
Outside Diameter219MM232MM232MM
Working pressure150BAR150BAR200BAR
Test pressure250BAR250BAR300BAR
Wall thickness5.7MM5.7MM5.7MM


argon gases manufacturer
Argon is majorly used in the metal fabrication sector for shielding metals from oxidation during welding, because of its properties like non-toxic, non-flammability, non-reactive under extreme temperature conditions, and many others, due to which the demand for this gas is increasing in this industry.