Liquid Nitrogen Tank, ln2 Tanks

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

DSW specializes in manufacturing a range of cryogenic nitrogen tanks, liquid nitrogen tanks, for various industrial, medical, and research applications.
Dewar 175l / 195l / 210l / 500l / 1000l
Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Container
Liquid Nitrogen Dewar with ISO9000
Available in sizes ranging from a small 4″ flask to a large horizontal tank.
Vacuum flasks that hold liquid nitrogen (cryogens).

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

A liquid nitrogen tank, also known as a Liquid nitrogen cylinder or LN2 dewar, is a specialized container designed for storing and transporting liquid nitrogen.
Liquid nitrogen is a very cold substance that can be used for various purposes, such as preserving biological samples, freezing food, making ice cream, and creating special effects.
At DSW, we have extensive experience designing, manufacturing, assembling, and commissioning liquid nitrogen tanks and nitrogen dewar, including diverse nitrogen tank sizes that fit our clients’ needs.

Features of liquid nitrogen dewar

  • LN2 tanks are constructed with materials that can withstand extremely low temperatures and prevent heat transfer from the environment.
    The tanks are typically double-walled or vacuum-insulated, which creates a thermal barrier to minimize heat exchange and maintain the low temperature of the liquid nitrogen inside.
  • The liquid nitrogen cylinder has a pressure relief valve to release excess pressure that may build up inside the tank due to temperature changes or gas formation.
  • They have a vented lid or cap to escape nitrogen gas that may accumulate in the tank’s headspace.
  • They have a handle or strap to facilitate carrying or lifting the tank.
  • They have a spout or faucet to dispense the liquid nitrogen from the tank.

Medium pressure-liquid nitrogen container, nitrogen dewars 

This 500 Liter Horizontal liquid nitrogen tank, or LN2 tank, provides an easy way to store and transport cryogenic industrial/laboratory gases.
This 500-litre liquid nitrogen LN2 dewar offers 2.3MPA, the standard in many industries that use cryogenic liquids.

size mmΦ505×1551mmΦ505×1675mmΦ505×1761mm2113×760×995mm
working pressure(MPa)1.371.371.371.59
Relief valve take-off pressure(MPa)1.591.591.591.89
Bursting pressure of the bursting disc(MPa)2.41*2.41*2.41*2.41(2.86*)
Geometric volume (L)175195210499
Effective volume(L)160180195460
Evaporation rate (liquid nitrogen)2.10%2.02%1.99%1.70%
Empty cylinder weight(kg)125135140345
Filling MediumO2(kg)170190205478

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank Sizes

High-pressure Horizontal Liquid Nitrogen Dewar,  Cryogenic dewars

size mmΦ505×1551mmΦ505×1676mmΦ505×1761mm2113×760×995mm
working pressure(MPa)
Relief valve take-off pressure(MPa)2.412.412.412.86
Bursting pressure of the bursting disc(MPa)3.62*3.62*3.62*3.62(4.14*)
Geometric volume (L)175195210499
Effective volume(L)160180195460
Evaporation rate (liquid nitrogen)2.10%2.02%1.99%1.70%
Empty cylinder weight(kg)143152160405
Filling MediumO2(kg)170190205478

500L Horizontal Liquid Nitrogen Tank

500L Horizontal Liquid Nitrogen Tank

500L Horizontal Cryogenic Cylinder
Liquid Nitrogen Tanks may take several forms, including open buckets, flasks with loose-fitting stoppers, and self-pressurizing tanks. All dewars have walls constructed from two or more layers, with a high vacuum maintained between the layers.

Horizontal Ln2 Tank

  1. To test for strength, we utilize high-purity nitrogen, reaching up to 99.999% purity.
  2. We employ cutting-edge helium mass spectrometer leak detectors, boasting precision levels down to 2×10^-9Pa.L/s, to perform meticulous leak detection.
  3. The inner containers of our storage tanks undergo passivation through comprehensive pickling to meet stringent cleanliness standards for hazardous materials.
  4. Employing imported ultraviolet black light lamps, we meticulously ensure the absence of oil stains and other organic impurities within the inner containers.
  5. Following thorough cleaning, we swiftly assemble the inner and outer containers in under 2.5 hours.
  6. To maintain pristine conditions, we fill the inner containers and interlayers with nitrogen, effectively shielding them from dust and organic contaminants.
  7. Our meticulous attention extends to subjecting the inner and outer surfaces of the outer containers to comprehensive sandblasting treatment, meeting the exacting Sa-2.5 standard requirements.
  8. Upon observing a metallic sheen on the steel plate surfaces, we utilize vacuum cleaners to meticulously remove any adhered dust meticulously, ensuring further integrity of the interlayer vacuum degree.
  9. Employing special high-quality perlite as insulation material within the interlayer, we subject it to our proprietary treatment process to enhance its efficacy.
  10. Post-manufacturing, all internal cylinders undergo rigorous gas-tightness and pressure performance tests.
  11. Comprehensive Helium mass spectrum leak detection is carried out meticulously on the internal and outer cylinders.
  12. Following production, all pipe openings are systematically opened for nitrogen purging and replacement to meet the oxygen usage standard.
  13. Subsequently, we meticulously seal all pipelines and valves before filling the tanks with 0.2MPa high-purity nitrogen to safeguard the Liquid Nitrogen Tank.

500L Horizontal Cryogenic Cylinder