Cryo ln2 dewar

Cryo ln2 dewar

The LN2 Dewars is a specialized vacuum flask that holds cryogenic n2 or liquid nitrogen for laboratory, food preservation, and medical applications.
LN2 dewars are utilized in metalworking and fabrication industries for cryogenic processing of metals to enhance their mechanical properties, wear resistance, and dimensional stability.

Key Feature

The high-strength aluminium shell is both durable and lightweight.
Super insulation provides advanced thermal protection.
Options to a standard cryo dewar.
Cryogenic Storage and Easy Transportation.

Cryo ln2 dewar

DSW engineers and manufactures long-lasting cryogenic storage dewars,ln2 dewars designed to hold liquid Nitrogen.
The LN2 dewar tank is the most cost-effective way to store and transport liquid Nitrogen. It comes in various sizes, from a 20-litre horizontal tank to a large horizontal tank with 425 litres.
These liquid nitrogen dewars feature superior vacuum performance & insulation.

What is LN2 storage dewar?

A liquid nitrogen storage dewar is a specialized vacuum flask that holds liquid nitrogen or liquid helium (cryogens).
These dewars are used for highly low-temperature storage in scientific, medical, and industrial applications.
The Dewar Ln2 offers extensive capacities and is built on a proven foundation. It can meet the needs for laboratory storage, fluid handling, and nitrogen handling.
These Dewars combine strength, high thermal efficiency, and ease of handling.
The Dewar Flasks have an all-stainless steel construction, including vacuum Dewar, to be rust-free, anti-corrosive, hygienic, and strong.

LN2 Dewar: These portable dewars are equally effective with liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquid CO2, liquid helium and liquified gases. They can be used for both low-pressure transportation and storage.
These liquid nitrogen Dewars can fulfil many different applications. These are simple, efficient liquid nitrogen tanks that can also be used for liquid oxygen or argon.

Cryogenic Storage Dewars specification

ln2 dewars,Cryogenic Storage Dewars


Robust construction: The LN2 Dewars have been designed to handle the extreme temperatures that liquid Nitrogen can reach. They are made of materials that can withstand cold temperatures and prevent liquid Nitrogen from evaporating.
Safety features: LN2 storage Dewars are equipped with safety features such as differential pressure-type liquid level gauges, full trick vent valves, and relief devices that maintain the optimal pressure within the tank.
Mobility: Some cryogenic Dewars have casters, making it easy to move them around the laboratory.
Efficient storage: cryo LN2 Dewars are designed for efficient liquid nitrogen storage with low liquid nitrogen consumption.
Lightweight: Some LN2 Dewars have a wheeled platform, making them easy to move around the laboratory.
Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

ln2 storage dewar,Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

cryo LN2 Dewars
cryo LN2 Dewars

ln2 storage dewar, Liquid Nitrogen Dewars


LN2 storage dewars play a pivotal role in various fields, including biotechnology, healthcare, food processing, manufacturing, research, and metalworking, where precise temperature control and cryogenic capabilities are essential for diverse applications.

Cryopreservation: LN2 dewars are extensively used in biotechnology and medical research laboratories to preserve biological samples, including cells, tissues, and embryos.