Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars contain liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide.
High-strength aluminum shell is both durable and light-weight.
Super insulation provides advanced thermal protection.
Options to a standard CF dewars.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

The solution to store and transport Nitrogen

DSW is a global supplier of high-quality liquid nitrogen dewars available in sizes ranging from a small 20 litres to a sizeable horizontal tank that holds 425 litres.
The liquid nitrogen Dewars is based on a proven design and construction and offers a wide range of capacities for individual laboratory storage and liquid nitrogen handling requirements.
These Dewars combine strength, high thermal efficiency, and ease of handling.
welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container dewar cylinder

LN2 Storage Dewars

These portable dewars work equally well with liquified gas, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, and liquid nitrogen for low-pressure transport & storage.
These liquid nitrogen Dewars can fulfill many different applications. These are simple, efficient liquid nitrogen tanks that can also be used for liquid oxygen or argon.
Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

What is a dewar?

A cryogenic storage dewar (named after James Dewar) is a specialised type of vacuum flask used for storing cryogens (such as liquid nitrogen or liquid helium), whose boiling points are much lower than room temperature.
Cryogenic dewars may take several forms, including open buckets, flasks with loose-fitting stoppers, and self-pressurising tanks. All dewars have walls constructed from two or more layers, with a high vacuum maintained between the layers.

Purpose: Liquid nitrogen dewars are used to safely store and transport cryogenic liquids.
Construction: They typically have a double-walled design with an inner container that holds the liquid and an outer shell for insulation.
Materials: Dewars can be made from aluminium, stainless steel, or glass.
Capacity: Dewars come in various sizes, from small ones (a few liters) to large tanks (hundreds of liters).
Insulation: The insulation minimizes heat transfer, allowing the stored liquid to remain at very low temperatures.
Applications: Researchers, laboratories, and medical facilities use dewars for cryopreservation, sample storage, and other low-temperature processes.

Application of LN2 Dewars

LN2 Dewars provide convenient ways for laboratories and research institutions to store small amounts of liquid nitrogen or cryogenic samples ranging in capacity from 0.17 to 175 litres, typically used in lab, research, and clinical applications. Dewars used solely for liquid nitrogen storage provide an efficient means to store and dispense small quantities of it safely while those explicitly designed to store and transport cryogenic samples offer short-term storage or transportation needs for laboratory work.
Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

The Inspection Guarantee of Liquid Nitrogen Dewars :

The relevant welding seams will be subject to 100% RT non-destructive and penetrant testing (PT) according to the technological requirements of liquid nitrogen dewar production.
High-purity nitrogen (up to 99.999%) will be used for strength testing.
Finally, advanced helium mass spectrometer leak detectors (with precision up to 2×10-9Pa.L/s) will be used to conduct Helium mass spectrometer leak detection.

The inner containers of the storage tanks will be passivated by overall pickling to meet the cleanliness requirements for dangerous goods.

Imported ultraviolet black light lamps will ensure no oil stains and other organic impurities in the inner containers.
After cleaning, the inner and outer containers will be assembled in less than 2.5 hours.
After assembly, the inner containers and interlayers will be filled with nitrogen to protect them from dust and organic impurities and ensure cleanliness.

The inner and outer surfaces of the outer containers will be subject to overall sandblasting treatment to meet the requirements of the Sa-2.5 standard.
When the surfaces of steel plates show a metallic colour, a vacuum cleaner will suck off the dust adhered to the surface to ensure the vacuum degree in the interlayer further.
Special high-quality perlite is used as the insulation material in the interlayer.

The perlite will be treated using our company’s unique process before being in the interlayer.
All the internal cylinders, after being manufactured, will be subject to the gas-tight and pressure performance tests.
The internal and outer cylinders will be subject to rigorous Helium mass spectrum leak detection.

After the production, all the pipe openings will be opened to carry out nitrogen purging and replacement to meet the oxygen usage standard.
After this, all the pipelines and valves will be sealed, and the tanks will be filled with 0.2MPa high-purity nitrogen to protect the tanks.

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container dewar cylinder