Cryogenic Transport Trailers

Cryogenic Transport Trailers

A cryogenic trailer is a trailer specifically designed for the transport of liquefied gases and other cryogenic materials.
These trailers are engineered and manufactured to store gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, natural gas, and more.
20m3 capacity vacuum LNG semitrailer load in one 40FR;
cryogenic lng trailer load in one 40FR;
50m3 cryogenic vessel load in one 40FR;
The DSW Plant is certified according to:
– EN ISO 9001/2000
– ASME (U, U2, R-Stamp)
– Manufacture license of special equipment
People‘s Republic of China and others

 Cryogenic Trailer – liquid gas transport

DSW manufactures cryogenic trailers with a variety of pump and drive options, and the Cryogenic Transport Trailers are ASTM certified.
DSW offers trailers, semitrailers, swap bodies, liquid tube trailers and railcars designed to safely distribute liquid gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen or natural gas for maximum payload, economy and longevity.

A cryogenic trailer is a trailer that is primarily used for transporting cryogenic liquids.
The DOT defines cryogenic liquids as substances at least -130 degrees.
Cryogenic trailers are vacuum-insulated semitrailers designed for performance, ease of operation, and safety.
They are most commonly used to transport LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, CO2 and N2O.

Cryogenic Transport Trailers for Liquid Oxygen/ Argon/ Nitrogen.
Volume 30,000L; working pressure: 1.6 bar,
Overall dimension: Φ11810 X 2500 X 3650
Inner shell: stainless steel (S30408),
Outer shell: carbon steel (Q345R),
The cryogenic pump, including the flexible inlet, outlet hose, and filter, is attached to the tank.
Design standard:
a.GB150 (Pressure Vessels)
 Cryogenic Transport Trailers, Cryogenic Trailer


  • Fuel Stations
  • Oil and Energy
  • Mining
  • Rail
  • Large Bulk Storage
  • Truck Fleets
  • Ships
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Peak Shaving

Cryogenic Transport Trailers

What is a liquid tube trailer?

Liquid tube trailers are specialized transport vehicles designed to distribute liquid gases safely and efficiently.
These trailers are commonly used to move various cryogenic liquids from the point of production to end-users.

27M3 Semitrailer Tank Cryogenic Storage Tank
27M3 Semitrailer Tank Cryogenic Storage Tank

Cryogenic Transport Trailers

The cryogenic stationary tanks (27M3 Semitrailer Tank) are designed for short-term storage of cryogenic liquefied gases under pressure.
Inner vessels are made of austenitic stainless steel and cold stretched for selected medium or high-pressure models.