Cryogenic Transport Trailers

Cryogenic Trailers

cryogenic transport trailers are vital components of the supply chain for industries requiring reliable and safe transportation of liquefied gases.
Cryogenic transport trailer includes a liquid nitrogen trailer, a liquid oxygen semitrailer and a liquid oxygen tanker.
We specialize in producing cryogenic transport trailers for industrial gases, offering diverse options to meet our customers’ unique requirements.
Our company has been recognized by the General Administration of Customs of China since 2019, providing accurate export data for surveys.

Main Feature

Stainless steel inner and outer vessels
Best-in-class vacuum and hold times
Low centre of gravity
Rear side and centre cabinet
Various pressure stages

Cryogenic Transport Trailer

cryogenic trailers are trailers or semi-trailers specifically designed to transport liquefied gases under pressure.
Liquid gases in semi-trailers are typically at extremely low temperatures and high pressures.
With more than 20 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, DSW supplies trailers, semi-trailers, swap bodies, liquid tube trailers, and railcars to safely and efficiently distribute liquid gases, including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, natural gas, and more.
Cryogenic Transport Trailer, 20M3 Cryogenic LOX semitrailer Tank

Cryogenic trailers transport cryogenic liquids to ensure stability and safety throughout the journey.
Cryogenic liquids are typically liquefied gases at -150 °C or lower, like oxygen, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium.
Cryogenic tanker trailers also store gases at higher temperatures, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide.


Semi-trailers have landing gear (legs that can be lowered) to support them when uncoupled from the tractor unit.
Tanker trailers are a specific type of semi-trailer used to transport liquids, such as fuel, and are typically made from high-quality stainless steel or aluminium to minimize erosion.

Purpose: Cryogenic trailers transport gases such as N2, O2, Ar, CO2, H2, etc.
Design: These Semi trailers are vacuum-insulated and engineered for performance, ease of operation, and safety.
Variety: Cryogenic trailers come in different forms, including:
Mobile Storage: Oversized vessels that haul empty over the road, ensuring product availability and improving onsite logistics.
Truck-Mounted Tanks: High vacuum super-insulated tanks customized for specific applications.
Offshore Skids: Designed for the rigorous demands of the offshore well services industry.
Nitrogen Pumping Equipment: Customizable for various vaporization capacities.
Cryogenic Vaporizers and Heat Exchangers: Used for industrial gases, rare gases, LNG, and other hydrocarbons.

cryogenic trailers, LAR Trailers

Technical Specification

Design Code: GB/T 150 Pressure Vessels, NB/T47058-2017 Road Tankers for Refrigerated Liquefied Gas, ASME BPVC SEC VIII-2
Capacity: 20m3~52.6m3
Material: S30408/SA-240 304(Inner tank)/Q345R/SA-516(Outer tank)

MediumSemi-trailerCapacityCurbPayloadTotalInsulation Type
Liquid Oxygen Tanker11000x2490x360026133002670040000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
Liquid Oxygen Tanker11900x2550x346027122702773040000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
Cryogenic Nitrogen Trailer11460x2500x371533.5148752512540000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
Liquid Nitrogen Trailer12200/11951x2500x377535.17136002640040000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
Liquid Nitrogen Trailer12390x2550x371536.4135702643040000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
LAr Trailer11300x2500x341021.5130202698040000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
LAr Trailer11890x2550x332022.6116402836040000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
LC2H412950x2490x386046.38163002370040000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
LC2H613000x2500x390051.55150002500040000High Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
LCO213000x2500x360027.5152002475039950Foaming Insulation
LCO213000x2500x360029.6133602664040000Foaming Insulation

LOX, LAR Cryogenic Transport Trailers
LOX, LAR Cryogenic Transport Trailers Tank
20M3 Cryogenic LOX semitrailer Tank

What are Cryogenic Trailers?

The Cryogenic Trailers are designed, engineered, and manufactured to store cryogenic liquefied gases under pressure.
Inner vessels are austenitic stainless steel and cold stretched for selected medium / high-pressure models for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, CO2, and N2O.
Available as single, double, and triple axle configurations
Designed and built fully by international specifications and standards
Incorporates all features for safety, efficiency, and ergonomic design

DSW supplies a complete range of storage and distribution products, including cryogenic storage tanks, vaporizers, MicroBulk systems, and mobile units for oxygen,
nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and LNG in China by all applicable international transport and pressure vessel legislation.