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Ethylene Oxide ETO Sterilization

Although ethylene oxide eto sterilization (EtO) is commonly used in the manufacture of sterile medical devices, concern about residues of the sterilant in the sterilized products has led to an increase in the use of alternative methods ... Read More

What Is A Cryogenic Tank?

What is cryogenic tank? Cryogenic tanks are liquid tanks, tank containers or cryogenic vessels with double-wall construction made of a stainless steel inner vessel and carbon steel outer vacuum jacket with MLI standard. Other options are single-wall vessels, either insulated on non-insulated, or triple-wall vessels made by to store high-temperature gases like LNG, co2, and nitrous oxide. ... Read More

Gas Cylinder Safety and Testing

Each cylinder shall be submitted to periodic GAS CYLINDERs inspections and tests. The following procedures, where applicable, form the requirements for such inspections and tests and are explained more fully in later clauses: ... Read More
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Designing of Cryogenic Storage Vessels

Cryogenic storage vessels are generally equipped with a self-pressurization system. In order to ensure the normal supply of gas, the self-pressurization of the LNG storage tank is completed by a loop composed of a storage tank, ... Read More

working knowledge of cylinder valve

Most compressed gas cylinders require the installation of at least one cylinder valve. This valve allows the cylinder to contain gases and allows gas to be filled into or emptied from the cylinder. ... Read More