Acetylene Tanks

oxygen and acetylene tanks

Oxygen and acetylene tanks, also known as cylinders, are containers specifically designed for storing and transporting oxygen and acetylene gases, respectively.
These gases are commonly used in various industrial processes, including welding, cutting, and brazing.
Acetylene tanks, often used for various applications such as steel cutting, welding, electronics, medicine, and more, are typically made from high-quality seamless steel pipes.
These cylinders are designed to have consistent height, smooth painting, and excellent properties to ensure safe and efficient storage and transportation of acetylene gas.

Acetylene Tank, Cylinder & Bottles

Acetylene stored in acetylene tanks is mostly dissolved.
DSW Industry provides various acetylene tanks and bottles in multiple styles and sizes.
Therefore, they are stored at lower pressure. The cylinders must be stored upright with valve caps on because they are potentially explosive.
With our extensive expertise, we possess a wealth of experience in developing gas cylinders and cryogenic tanks. We can process these products according to your specific requirements, including specifications and quantities.

Acetylene gas tank Specification

Model Number: ISO250-40-3
Water capacity:40L
Valve: QF-15A14
Cylinder Standard: ISO3807:2013
The thickness of seamless:4.0mm
weight of seamless: 39kg
working pressure:3MPa
test pressure: 5.2MPa

40L Acetylene Cylinder

Acetylene Tank Sizes

 Item Unit       Types
Nominal water capacity Litres 40L 60L 25L 12.5L 7.5l 2L
Nominal diameter MM 250 310 235  200  152 108
Wall Thickness MM 4 4 4  3 3 3.2
Height  (mm) MM  1040 1100  800  600  620  310
Cylinder Weight (without acetone) KG 39 51 27 13.5 10.5 3.2
Acetylene Max Filling Weight  KG  6.5 10.8  4.5  2.2  1.3  0.3
Limited filling pressure(15℃) MPa 1.56
Hydraulic test pressure MPa 5.2
Sealing test pressure  MPa 3
Porous mass


Compressive strength  N/nm2 ≥1.8 N/nm2
Porosity  % 90-92%
The axial space  MM ≤2.5
Solvent Acetone
Maximum working temperature  ℃ 40
Valve QF-15 valve or customer request

40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40Liter Acetylene Tank

Testing Report of acetylene gas bottles

40Liter Acetylene Cylinder, 40Liter Acetylene Tank
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder

What is Acetylene?
Acetylene is a colourless, pungent-smelling hydrocarbon gas with an intense flame.
Used mainly for welding and cutting applications (oxy-fuel welding or gas cutting), acetylene produces the hottest flame of all the gases available today.
40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder, 40Liter Acetylene Tank
40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder, 40Liter Acetylene Tank
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder

Buy Acetylene Tank

DSW manufactures oxy-acetylene tanks that have received ISO certification from the International Standardization Organization, ensuring they meet the organization’s rigorous standards.
It also has DOT of America and TC of Canada certificates, KGS of Korea and TUV of Germany.
DSW enjoys a reputation as an industry leader in quality and performance, which helps us sell acetylene cylinders and tanks worldwide.