40L Acetylene Cylinders

40L acetylene gas cylinder

40liter acetylene gas cylinder
DSW has Acetylene Cylinders for Every Need.
The 40L Acetylene Gas Cylinders are manufactured using high-quality seamless steel pipes, ensuring uniform height, smooth painting, and excellent properties.
These cylinders find extensive use in steel cutting, welding, electronics, medical, and other industries.

40Liter Acetylene Cylinder

Acetylene cylinders do not contain compressed or liquidized acetylene; instead, they contain gaseous acetylene that has been dissolved into acetone and absorbed into a porous mass within the cylinder.
DSW is one of the global leaders in acetylene cylinders and acetylene gas and is trusted in over 50 countries worldwide.

Model Number: ISO250-40-3
Water capacity:40L
Valve: QF-15A14
Cylinder Standard: ISO3807:2013
Thickness of seamless:4.0mm
weight of seamless: 39kg
working pressure:3MPa
test pressure: 5.2MPa


High-pressure storage: Acetylene gas cylinders are designed to withstand high-pressure storage of acetylene gas, typically up to 250 psi (pounds per square inch) or higher.
Robust construction: Acetylene cylinders are constructed using durable materials such as seamless steel or aluminum alloy. This ensures strength, safety, and longevity under high-pressure conditions.
Porous mass: Inside the cylinder is a porous mass, commonly filled with a material like calcium silicate or diatomaceous earth. This mass helps stabilize the acetylene gas, preventing decomposition and maintaining its integrity.
Dissolved acetylene: Acetylene is stored in the cylinders in a dissolved state, typically in a solvent such as acetone. This allows for a higher storage capacity compared to compressed acetylene gas.
Specific valve fittings: Acetylene cylinders have specific valve fittings designed to ensure safe and proper connections. These fittings are usually designed to prevent mixing acetylene with air or other flammable gases.

40L Acetylene Cylinder

Acetylene Cylinders: Welding Equipment

Acetylene is an extensively used gas in the welding industry. It is used for both welding and cutting operations. In most fabrication industries, acetylene cylinders are a common sight.
When used with oxygen, Acetylene produces the highest flame temperature of any fuel gas. It also has the most concentrated flame but produces less gross heat of combustion than liquid petroleum gases and synthetic gases.


 Item Unit       Types
Nominal water capacity Litres 40L 60L 25L 12.5L 7.5l 2L
Nominal diameter MM 250 310 235  200  152 108
Wall Thickness MM 4 4 4  3 3 3.2
Height  (mm) MM  1040 1100  800  600  620  310
Cylinder Weight (without acetone) KG 39 51 27 13.5 10.5 3.2
Acetylene Max Filling Weight  KG  6.5 10.8  4.5  2.2  1.3  0.3
Limited filling pressure(15℃) MPa 1.56
Hydraulic test pressure MPa 5.2
Sealing test pressure  MPa 3
Porous mass


Compressive strength  N/nm2 ≥1.8 N/nm2
Porosity  % 90-92%
The axial space  MM ≤2.5
Solvent Acetone
Maximum working temperature  ℃ 40
Valve QF-15 valve or customer request

40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder
DSW has rich experience in developing and sourcing on-time service in the specifications and quantities you require, and it can process various gas cylinders.

40L Acetylene Cylinder

DSW has adopted certifications of ISO by the International Standardization Organization, DOT of America, TC of Canada, TUV of Germany, KGS of Korea and some other certifications.
40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder
40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder
DSW enjoys a reputation as an industry leader in quality and performance, which helps us sell industry gas cylinders and cryogenic tanks worldwide.
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder