ISO11439 Type 1 CNG Tank


compressed natural gas tank for MEDIUM AND HEAVY DUTY VEHICLES
Type 1 CNG Cylinders
Compressed Natural Gas cylinders (CNG fuel tank) is a popular alternative with truck, transit and refuse fleets.

ISO11439 Type 1 CNG Tank

DSW industry is a leading CNG tank manufacturer used for flow forming, automotive and heating, and water industries with valves, nozzles, brackets, and more.
Type 1 CNG tanks are constructed of solid steel for durability. Perfect for installation beneath vehicles and at a highly reasonable cost.
Compressed natural gas is a fuel with a high level of safety due to its physical properties, which meet strict quality standards.
Our compressed natural gas tanks are DOT and NGV-compliant and tested to the highest standards, guaranteeing your safety with every use.

ISO11439 Type 1 CNG Tank

What is Compressed natural gas (CNG)?

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fuel gas composed primarily of methane (CH4) compressed to less than one percent of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure. Stored and distributed using hard containers at pressures between 20-25 megapascals (2,900-3,600 psi), typically cylindrical or spherical shapes are utilized for storage and distribution of this product.
CNG can be utilized in modified traditional gasoline/internal combustion engine vehicles or vehicles specifically manufactured to accommodate CNG usage.
ISO11439 Type 1 CNG Tank

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TYPE 1 Compressed Natural Gas Tank

Type 1 CNG Tank which can store natural gas under pressure 20MPa or 25MPa, are made of 4130X
seamless steel tube with ISO9809-1/ISO9809-3/EN/DOT approval.
which are explosive pressure vessels containing flammable and explosive gases.
The storage pressure for automotive cylinders is 20MPa.

There are four categories available in CNG Tanks.
Type 1: All Steel
Type 1 CNG Tank is wholly made from steel. These are the most popular and least expensive, but also the heaviest. A Type 1 full cylinder can easily weigh over 350 pounds.
The Type 1 CNG Storage Tanks have walls between 0.5 and 1,5 inches thick.
Like any steel product, it is prone to corrosion.
Globally, these cylinders can withstand a maximum working pressure (300 psi, 200 bar); however, in the US, the maximum pressure is 3,600 psi, 250 bar.

Type 2: Hoop Wrapped Composite
Type 2 CNG cylinders are made with a metal inner liner and a composite wrap on the straight sides.
The metal lining is designed to handle the operating pressure without additional safety measures.
It is lighter than Type 1 but heavier than Type 3, 4 and 5 cylinders.
Composite wraps are usually made with long fibres impregnated with “hoop winding resin”.

Type 3: Fully Wrapped Composite
Type 3 CNG cylinders feature a metal liner wrapped in composite reinforcement on all sides.
The wrap is responsible for almost all the strength, while the metal cylinder ensures gastight integrity.
Type 3 cylinders offer significant weight savings compared to Type 2 cylinders, up to 30%

The fourth category is the composite gas cylinder with plastic liner plus carbon fiber
full winding and glass fibre ring winding reinforcement (CNG-4).