Ethylene Gas C2H4

Ethylene Gas

Gas: C2H4   Purity: 99.5% or 99.95%
Cylinder: 40-50L,   Valve: According to customer need
called Ethene or Polyethylene or Etileno.
widely used as a plant hormone, as a refrigerant, and as a food additive.

Ethylene Gas C2H4

Ethylene gas provided by DSW is available in different purity grades and concentrations to meet the specific requirement of diverse industries.
DSW have in house laboratory equipments to check the level of purity as well as concentrations.
Ethylene is majorly used in polymerization and then to make plastics of different types and grades

Gas Ethylene Gas Chemical Formula C2H4
Einecs: 200-815-3 Molecular Weight: 28.054
CAS: 74-85-1 Flammability range in air, [% volume]: 2.7-36.0
Boiling Point: at 1.013 bar [℃] -103.68 at 14.5 psi, [℉] -154.60
Density: at 1.013 bar,15℃, [kg/m³] 1.194 at 1 atm., 70℉, [lb/ft³] 0.073

C2H4 Ethylene gas suppliers


Ethylene is produced by passing ethyl alcohol vapours over dehydrating catalysts at 360-470 °C. It may also be produced by the pyrolysis of ethane.
Cracking of petroleum is another source.
Ethylene C2H4 Gas

Applications of Ethylene Gas

Ethylene is the starting material for several industrial syntheses. It is employed as an intermediate in the chemical industry and for the production of plastics.

Ethylene C2H4 Gas is employed for the production of:
acetic acid
chloroethene (vinyl chloride)
1,1-dichloroethene (vinylidene chloride)
epoxyethane (ethylene oxide)
ethanediol (ethylene glycol)
phenylethene (styrene)
polychloroethene (polyvinyl chloride)
propanoic acid
tetraethyl lead

Ethylene gas is used as a component in calibration gases for the automotive, gas, oil as well as chemical industry.

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Ethylene may be employed for welding and cutting, but is not used for this purpose industrially.

Ethylene supplied in cylinders is used for controlled ripening of fruit, especially bananas. A concentration of a few ppm in the warehouse atmosphere is used.

Uses of Ethylene Gas

  • Ethylene is used in the manufacturing of alcohol.
  • Used in the manufacturing of polyethylene.
  • Used in promoting senescence.
  • Used to produce fabricated plastics.
  • Used as a herbicide.
  • Used as a curing agent for tobacco.
  • Used as a refrigerant.
  • Used as an anaesthetic.
  • Used to accelerate the ripening of fruits commercially.
  • Used in welding metals.

Because of flammability considerations, it is strongly recommended to use a mixture of ethene in nitrogen in this application
Ethylene has also been used in agriculture to promote crop growth: in this case the gas is injected directly into the soil.
Ethylene is still used as an anaesthetic (in the US).
It is used as a refrigerant especially in the petrochemical industry. It has the ASHRAE number R-1150.

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