Cryogenic ASME Tank Container

ASME certified tank

An ASME Tank Container is a container that stores and transports hazardous and non-hazardous materials such as liquids, powders, and gases.
ISO tank containers are internationally approved and come with quality assurance.
They can store much more than drummed shipments, and the shipping cost is significantly less.
Cryogenic ASME certified tanks
20m3 lng iso tank container/cryogenic iso tank/heated iso tank container for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and CO2.
cryogenic tanks are designed  for the efficient, safe
Based on the double shells, vacuum-Perlite insulation.

ASME Tank Container

An ASME tank container is a type of pressure vessel certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to store and transport pressurized liquids and gases.
These containers are designed to handle more pressure than non-certified pressure vessels, making them a safer option.
The integrity and safety of ASME pressure vessels make them the perfect choice in many industries where precision is valuable and required.
ASME tanks or asme certified tanks are measured in gallons.

The Spec. of  ASME Tank

Model:1CC-TCS-20000/16                                     Insulation type: Multi-layer
NOItemsInner vesselOuter vessel
1Design pressure     MPa1.6-0.1(outer)
2Working pressure    MPa1.6-0.1(outer)
3MAWP            MPa1.6/
4Design temperature    ℃-196-19~50
5Working temperature   ℃≥-196normal
6Pneumatic test      MPa1.6HLD
7G. Vol              m320.85.5(interlayer)
8E. Vol              m319.76/
10Main materialS30408Q345R
11TreatmentPickling and passivationSanding and coating
12Corrosion allowance  mm00
13Joint efficiency10.85
14Filling rate95%/
15Static evaporation   %/d≤0.22(by LOX), ≤0.35 (by LIN), ≤0.24 (by LAR),
16Seal off vacuum degree Pa≤1×102
17Leakage of vacuum interspace  Pam3/s≤1×106
18ISO code22T7
19Diameter         mmΦ2150Φ2400
20External Dimensions  mm6058×2438×2591
22Tare weight           Kg~7890
23Fully loading weight    Kg~15986(LIN), ~27585(LAR), ~22546(LOX)
24Design service life15years
25Open pressure for safety valve1.89Mpa
27Portable tank guidelineT75

Cryogenic Liquid ASME Tank Container

TASME certified tanks 
For non-dangerous liquids, minimum pressure 45kPaT0
For non-dangerous liquids, minimum pressure 150kPaTl
For non-dangerous liquids, minimum pressure 265kPaT2
For dangerous liquids, a minimum pressure of 150kPaT3
For dangerous liquids, the minimum pressure is 265kPaT4
For dangerous liquids, the minimum pressure is 40kPaT5
For dangerous liquids, the minimum pressure is 60kPaT6
For gases, minimum pressure 910kPaT7
For gases, the minimum pressure is 220 kPaT8
For gases, minimum pressure (to be decided)T9










Cryogenic Liquid ASME Tank Containers
Cryogenic 20ft Liquid ISO Container Stainless Steel ISO ASME Tank

ASME Tank containers made out of stainless steel, with insulation, as well as a protective layer of aluminium or polyurethane, are used to ship and store hazardous and non-hazardous materials such as liquids, powders, and gasses available in size from 21,000 LITRE to 26,000 LITRE.
Which is the most efficient way to transport liquids, gasses and hazardous materials.
A 20ft cryogenic asme propane tank provides a storage capacity of 22,000 litres at a working pressure of 17 BARG. The container size (L x W x H/mm) is 6058 x 2438 x 2591—filling capacity: 22,000 litres.

Cryogenic liquids—liquids having a standard boiling point below -130°F at 14.7 psi (-90°C at 101 kPa, abs.)—fall under unique considerations as they are kept in their liquid state at extremely low temperatures.
These liquefied gases possess unique qualities that make them ideal for applications.
Argon is used in the lighting industry for fitting bulbs, helium keeps satellite instruments cool and fills balloons, and nitrogen acts as a refrigerant. It provides an unreactive atmosphere, and oxygen—the gas that sustains your life—is valued for its reactivity.

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