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According to the most recent data, the market for seamless steel gas cylinders was valued at US$ 8 billion in 2022. It is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 8% through 2024.
Gas cylinders have become an invaluable component of life for various uses such as water purification, soldering, dispensing beverages, medical purposes, heating/cooking needs and extinguishing fires. Their use will continue to drive global demand.

Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders

DSW offers high-pressure seamless steel cylinders at competitive prices, from 2L – to 80L, in various sizes, to meet customer requirements.

Type Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder Outside diameter 89-267mm
Water capacity 2-80L Height 430-1815mm
Working pressure Working pressure With Cap Height 490-1900mm
Test pressure 250-450Bar Weight 3.4-80kg
Design wall thickness 1.9-6.0mm Material 37Mn 34CrMo4
Storage gas 0.3-15M3
Color Green, Black, White, Blue, Yellow, as Requested/as per your requested
Filling medium Air, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, spacial gas and mixed gas
Packing 1. bulk loading; 2. packed in a plastic woven net; 3. packed in wooden pallets; 4. as required.

Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder

Seamless steel gas cylinders are containers used to store high-pressure gases, and their characteristics and uses mainly depend on the gas stored, as well as the design and materials of the container.
The seamless construction of seamless steel gas cylinders provides multiple benefits that contribute to their superior performance, safety, and reliability in storing and transporting compressed gases.

Advantages of steel gas cylinders

High strength: Seamless steel cylinders typically use high-strength alloy steel to hold high-pressure gases.
Corrosion resistance:  Steel cylinders are often treated with unique heat treatments to increase their resistance to corrosion and ensure that stored gases are not polluted.
Good sealing performance: The seamless steel cylinder design has excellent sealing performance to ensure that stored gases do not leak.
Lightweight:  Steel cylinders are relatively light despite being steel containers. This makes them easy to use and carry.
High-temperature resistance:  Steel cylinders can withstand high temperatures and are ideal for various industrial environments.
Overall, Industrial seamless steel cylinders are used in various fields and provide safe and reliable gas storage and delivery solutions.


Gas storage: These cylinders, made of seamless steel, are used to store a variety of gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and methane. These gases are used widely in industries, medical treatments, laboratories and other fields.
Welding and cutting: In welding and cutting, gases stored in steel cylinders, such as oxygen or acetylene, are often used. These gases are capable of supporting metal cutting and combustion under conditions of high temperatures.
Laboratory applications: In scientific research and laboratories, seamless steel cylinders are used to store and provide various gases required for experiments.
Medical use: Some medical gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen, are usually supplied to medical institutions as seamless steel cylinders for medical treatment and diagnosis.
Maintenance of Special Atmospheres:  For some industrial processes, it is essential to maintain a particular atmosphere. Seamless steel cylinders can be used to create and maintain this unique atmosphere in semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder

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