cryogenic tank manufacturers

cryogenic tank manufacturers

Cryogenic Tank Manufacturers

About DSW Industry

DSW Industry is one of the critical cryogenic tank manufacturers in China. We supply and service cryogenic storage tanks and relative accessories, offering custom and standard fabrications to customers worldwide.
A wide range of cryogenic containers would be supplied by DSW Industry: tanks, dewars, vessels, pumps, and valves of all sizes allowing for the safe storage and transportation of all liquified gases.
In the manufacturing industry, cryogenic tanks and micro bulk systems are used in various processes, including welding, metal fabrication, and chemical production.

LAR vertical cryogenic tanks suppliers
Our cryogenic dewars can store and transport liquid helium, argon, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, and liquid natural gas or LNG.

DSW industry offers ASME, DOT, TPED, PED, and ADR products. Our in-house cryogenic engineering experts can assist with product development of OEM or private label fabrication of cryogenic tanks for industrial, laboratory, medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, superconductivity, semiconductor, or even homecare applications. Our Cryogenics equipment technicians are also available to repair your cryogenic storage tanks, hoses, & valves.

China has several manufacturers specializing in cryogenic tanks and certified with ISO 9000. These tanks are designed to store and transport materials at extremely low temperatures, making them ideal for healthcare, food processing, and aerospace industries.

Manufacturing of Vertical Cryogenic Tanks

Vertical cryogenic tanks are manufactured using specialized techniques and materials to ensure their ability to store and transport extremely low-temperature liquids and gases. These tanks are designed to withstand the extreme cold and pressure of storing materials at cryogenic temperatures and are often used in healthcare, aerospace, and energy industries. The manufacturing process involves careful selection of materials, precise welding and fabrication techniques, and rigorous testing to ensure the tanks meet strict safety and performance standards.

Vertical Cryogenic Tanks are double-layered vacuum-insulated vertical or horizontal storage tanks that store liquefied oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and other media. There are many benefits to using cryogenic liquids in industrial applications. One of the primary advantages is increased efficiency. Cryogenic cooling can provide excellent materials and machinery more quickly and effectively than traditional cooling methods.

cryogenic tank manufacturers

 horizontal double-layer vacuum insulated storage tank

A cryogenic vessel or type of equipment is a storage tank designed to hold materials at extremely low temperatures, typically below -150 degrees Celsius. These tanks often store liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and argon, used in various industrial and scientific applications. The tanks are typically constructed with a double-layer design, with an inner tank that holds the cryogenic material and an outer layer that provides insulation to keep the contents cold. The space between the two layers is often evacuated to create a vacuum, further improving the tank’s insulation properties.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are cryogenic tanks? Cryogenic tanks are specialized containers storing and transporting materials at extremely low temperatures, typically below -150°C. These tanks are commonly used for storing and transporting liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and argon and for scientific and medical applications. Cryogenic tanks are constructed with high-quality materials and advanced insulation systems to ensure these icy materials’ safe and efficient storage.

Choosing the Right Cryogenic Tank Manufacturers for Your Business

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