Cryogenic Semi-Trailers (LNG – LIN – LOX – LAR) Cryogenic tank manufacturing for storage and transportation of liquified natural gas (LNG / -150°C), liquefied oxygen (LOX), liquefied nitrogen (LIN), liquefied argon (LAR) Carbon Steel outer tank and stainless-steel inner tank (1.4307 / 1.4301)

Manufacturer of Cryogenic Semi-trailer

The cryogenic semi-trailer tanker mainly consists of horizontal storage tank, half trailer chassis, operation box, cryogenic liquid pump, automatic compressor, flow hose and connection pieces between the tank and chassis. It is a necessary gas carrier in cryogenic liquid transportation.
1. Storage medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2 and LNG
2. Working pressure: 0.2MPa ~ 2.2MPa, or as requrested.
3. Effective capacity: 4m³~51m³
4. Insulation method: vacuum powder
5. Manufacturing standards: A2, C2, GC1, GB-150, ASME, U STAMP, ISO9001 : 2008
6. 20000L size 10590mm*2480mm*3750mm

what is cryogenic Semi-trailer?
Cryogenic Trailers are built specifically for transporting cryogenic gases. With engineering experience exceeding 50 years these trailers can be designed to operate in any state or region of the world. These vacuum-insulated, semi-trailers are designed for performance, ease of operation and safety.

cryogenic Semi-trailer Transport

cryogenic Semi-trailer Transport

DSW have passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality Supervision System Certification. We own 170000 square meter building size ,The total assets is 180 million, we can produce 120pcs of different cryogenic tanks per month , we have 500 workers and staff members, including 55 technician (6 super- engineer, 19 engineer, 10 primary technician, 1 super-technician, 4 technician, 15 Nondestructive Tester (RT, UT). There’re 8 departments, such as technology, production, sales, quality, purchase, finance, secretary and standard, 1general management office, 1 international export office , 5 workshops and 1 Installation Company.

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