Liquid Carbon Dioxide, liquid CO2 tank Manufacturer

Liquid CO2 Storage Tanks are designed for providing on-site storage capacity for liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Beverage and gas Industry.
DSW Industry supplies compressed carbon dioxide gas and liquid CO2 of various purities and concentrations for industry-grade, beverage-grade, and food-grade applications; we also produce vertical or horizontal liquid CO2 storage tanks per customer request.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)>99.9%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Mixture0.5 ppm – 50%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Argon Mixture0.5 ppm – 50%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Helium Mixture0.5 ppm – 50%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Hydrogen Mixture0.5 ppm – 50%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Nitrogen Mixture0.5 ppm – 50%

What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an odourless and tasteless gas with low concentrations in normal conditions, indicated by its symbol “CO2. It exists as the liquid form below its critical point temperature of 31degC and above the triple point (-56.6degC at 5.18 bar (a) pressure). Liquid CO2 storage tanks provide convenient solutions for cooling and freezing processes.


Buy High-quality Carbon Dioxide Gas Or Liquid Carbon Dioxide

We offer compressed and liquid CO2 in various grades specific to different applications, such as:
• Beverage-grade CO2 for brewers & winemakers
• CO2-based refrigerants for food manufacturing
• Treating process water for concrete and pulp and paper industries
• Liquid CO2 for research & pharmaceutical labs
• CO2 injection for oil recovery
• Dry ice (solid CO2 pellets) for cleaning and media blasting
• A stunning gas for livestock
• A welding shielding gas

Carbon Dioxide Storage Tanks, liquid CO2 storage tank

Carbon dioxide must be stored in liquid form for long-term storage in tanks that have been designed with consideration to its critical point feature and maintained at 22 bar or less pressure and temperature (-18degC), with cooling units installed for cooling the liquid carbon dioxide contained within and warning equipment installed if there may be a potential failure. Thermal insulation of such tanks should also be ensured. To meet these criteria, thermal solid insulation must be included along with necessary cooling units, cooling units, and the devices that provide early warning should also be part of their construction.

Liquid CO2 Tanks, Reliable CO2 Delivery

Bulk CO2 delivery is easy. Liquefied gases are transported and stored in cryogenic vessels owned and operated by the company and in tankers with trailers, with cryogenic vessels of various sizes from 600-15,000 gallons available, depending on customer need. Each of these tanks features an inner vessel or “liquid container” supported by an outer vacuum jacket vessel; the space between these vessels is filled with natural material, providing insulation.

Industrial Applications of Liquid Carbon Dioxide


Our beverage-grade CO2 and reliable supply chain help customers maintain peak freshness in their products while avoiding contamination. We know purity matters when finishing bottled beverages, capping brewing, or wine production.

Food Manufacturing

2. Liquid CO2 is used with our chilling and freezing systems to maintain product quality by preventing spoilage or ageing en route to your customers. We also offer a fast and easy way to clean equipment without leaving anything behind.

3. The weight of CO2 is heavier than air and does not support combustion. Therefore, many fire extinguishers use carbon dioxide to extinguish fires. The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher uses liquefied carbon dioxide to extinguish the fire. In addition to the above characteristics, there is an advantage that the solid residue is not left after the fire is extinguished.

45kg Co2 Gas Cylinder,68l Fire Extinguisher Cylinder
4. CO2 gas can also be used as a shielding gas for welding, which is not as protective as other rare gases (such as argon), but at a relatively low price.

5. CO2 gas lasers are an essential source of industrial lasers.
6. Carbon dioxide can be used to make wine, and carbon dioxide gas creates an oxygen-deficient environment that helps prevent bacteria from growing in the grapes.

7. CO2 gas can control the pH value; carbon dioxide is added to the swimming pool to control the pH value, and carbon dioxide is added to keep the pH from rising.
8. CO2 gas can be used in the alkali and sugar industries.
9. CO2 gas can be a blowing agent in the plastics industry.

10. Dry ice can be used for artificial rain, smoke effects on the stage, food industry, special effects of food, etc.

Carbon Dioxide,carbon dioxide storage tanks, liquid co2 storage tank

11. Dry ice can be used to clean up nuclear industry equipment and plate rolls in the printing industry.

Carbon Dioxide,carbon dioxide storage tanks, liquid co2 storage tank

12. Dry ice can be used in the automotive, marine, aerospace, space and electronics industries. The liquid carbon dioxide is reduced to a gas volume by volume reduction and fabric separation, eliminating the complicated post-treatment process brought by conventional solvents.

13. CO2 supercritical extraction technology. The properties will change when the temperature is higher than the critical temperature (Tc) of 31℃ and the pressure is higher than the critical pressure (Pc) of 3 MPa. The density is close to that of liquid, the viscosity is close to that of gas, and the diffusion coefficient is 100 times that of liquid. Therefore, it has a strong dissolving ability, can dissolve a variety of substances and then extract the active ingredients therein, can use this technology to produce high value-added products, can extract substances that could not be extracted by chemical methods in the past, and is inexpensive and non-toxic. Safe and efficient. It is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Application of CO2 Bulk Storage Tank

Beverage Industry and Home Brewing:
CO2 is widely used in the beverage industry to create carbonated drinks and soda water.
It also plays a crucial role in pressurizing beer draft systems.
Whether on an industrial scale or for home brewing enthusiasts, CO2 tanks are essential for producing our favourite fizzy beverages.

Special Effects:
CO2 tanks are commonly employed in entertainment venues, including tours, events, theme parks, nightclubs, and bars.
They are used to simulate steam and smoke, creating impressive atmospheres that enhance performances, movie sets, and events.
From enhancing a DJ’s show to adding magic to a gathering, CO2-based special effects are visually captivating and safe.

Carbon Capture Technology:
Carbon dioxide storage tanks play a crucial role in carbon capture technology.
This technology aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing and storing CO2, thereby mitigating its atmospheric concentration.
Doing so contributes to lowering the risk of rising global temperatures.

Oil and Gas Industries:
CO2 bulk storage tanks are used in the oil and gas sector.
They help control oil well pressure and can be utilized to extract impurities from oil3.

Industrial Production:
Large liquid carbon dioxide storage tanks meet the needs of industrial production.
These tanks provide a reliable supply of CO2 for various processes and applications.

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